Silent Conspiration


Lutz Gerlach & Thomas Loefke

Silent Conspiration


A Special Offer (Gerlach)

The Snowy Birchtrees (Loefke)

Third Attempt (Gerlach)

Mofjell (Loefke)

Another Space (Gerlach)

Teistin (Loefke)

Du(R) (Gerlach)

Weststrand (Gerlach)

Letter from A (Gerlach)

An Invitation to (Gerlach)

Maplewood and Strawberries (Loefke)

Luna Corda (Gerlach)

Break Even (Gerlach)

Muted Anticipation (Gerlach)

Anticipation (Gerlach)

Silent Night (Gruber)

Minor Mood (with Pleasure) (Gerlach)

Slow and Silent (Night) (Gruber)

The Lost Christmas Song (Gerlach)

Last, Lost and Least (Gerlach)

Lutz Gerlach - piano, keyboards, arrangements

Thomas Loefke - Celtic harp