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Mulin is the highest point of the Island of Hestur belonging to the Faroe Islands. From Mulin you have a phantastic view over the neighbouring island Koltur (see picture above).

About 50 people live on Hestur, Koltur has a population of 2.

Many of the tunes of the CD “Northern Isles” I wrote during a 3 weeks stay on Hestur in the year 2005.

The tune Mulin is dedicated to Sharon Weiss and Kristian Blak two great friends and musicians from the Faroes.

The musicians on this recording are:

Ian Melrose - guitar, low whistles, synth., bass

Máire Breatnach - viola

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                                Kristian Blak




(Thomas Loefke)

from the album:

Thomas Loefke & friends-

Northern Isles

Laika records 3510219.2

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