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Tór Mór and Tory Island

Tór Mór is a part of Tory Island situated 11 km off  the Northwest coast of Ireland.

Tory has been populated for 4000 years. It is the island of legends, history and songs. People come from all over Ireland to find stories and songs lost anywhere else. Famous through exhibitions throughout the world are the islanders paintings dealing with island life and the power of the sea. The spoken language is Irish. 200 people live on Tory in two villges: Westtown and Easttown.

The tune Tór Mór I wrote 1990 after a longer visit to the island. Since my first stay 1976 I have tried to make it to Tory at least once a year: Good for the soul and good for my music!

Tory Island picture gallery by Thomas Loefke

Read more about Tory:      www.littleireland.ie/toryisland

                                Patsy Dan Rodgers



Tór Mór

(Thomas Loefke)

from the album:

Norland Wind -

From Shore to Shore

Laika records 3510191.2

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Tór Mór



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